Desmond Wong

Desmond Wong

Desmond has been dancing for 7 years now & recently got the chance to share his knowledge as a jr. instructor. He can be very versatile as his dance scope broadens from stiletto heels to groovy hip hop, but 1 style sticks to his heart & is currently the main style of his teaching, experimental. He is a member of the crew 'childrenofsöl' ,and what might come to a surprise is that he is also the head of production in Mustang Dance Academy, a person who knows his way through the lens of a third eye.

His teaching style is very patient, ensuring all students get to enjoy with their own pace. Expect a lot of emotion throughout his class & often a burst load of ENERGY!

  • Favourite Food: Anything that is SWEET!
  • Go-to track: 'Sunrise' by GFRIEND
  • Go-to Quote: Dance to express, Not to impress