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Street Dance Performance


A wide range of styles focusing mainly on street dancing to entertain your crowd. Providing story-line based showcase as well as other choices of performance to cater your needs. 


Min. Dancers: 2 pax











Flash Mob

Flash Mob's are perfect for firms who are looking to advertise or portray a message to the public. This crowd pleaser showcase will instantly attract crowds and are great to launch up an event.


Min. Dancers: 8 pax



Burlesque shows were originally an offshoot of Victorian burlesque. The showcase usually involves exotic female dancers performing something similiar to the style of old English Broadway, but sexier.


Min. Dancers: 3 pax 





(LED) Tron Dance

TRON Dance have grown drastically in the dancing industry to successfully entertain a crowd with its special effects costume. This one of a kind performance will blow your mind away with its stage gimmicks and illutions.


Min. Dancers: 5 pax

Rhythmic Gymnastics

Classy & professional. Expect the highest level of technique & finesse in this performance. Great for product launching & corporate events


Min. Dancers: 3 pax

Kids Crew

Looking for something different? Our in house kids crew will put a smile to your face with their routine. Dancing to latest hit songs, this performance is suitable for family-oriented events and gatherings.


Min. Dancers: 2 pax

Halloween Themed Dance

Your halloween will never be the same again. We provide a different approach to how halloween shows are performed. Performing through story-line based showcase, our dancers are equipped with props and blood squirting special effects to express the mood of how a halloween should be.


Min. Dancers: 2 pax

Beatbox Collab. Performance

Beatboxing has always strongly related to our nature of business. The perfect synergy to execute an entertaining showcase. Performing with our partner "KouJee", our dancers will dance to the only music that is produced by his mouth.


Min. Dancers: 1 pax

Zumba Fitness

Fitness has always been a top trend in recent years as it concerns in improving health issues. This energetic performance will get the crowd going & crazy for more as they experience the fun in being healthy


Min. Dancers: 3 pax

Chinese Traditional Dance

The old chinese cultural fan dance is never forgotten. Syncronisation in costumes and movements make the performance ever so enjoyable. Other traditional dances are also available.


Min. Dancers: 2 pax

Illusion Dance (Magic)

Incorporating 'Magic' to our stage performance brings a whole new vibe to the audience. Dissapearing acts, levitation, fire illutions and more will add to the entertainment of our stage showcase.


Min. Dancers: 5 pax


A heart stomping show which doesn't need music to go along with. Our dancers create their own music with just their feet & hands, which we call as the 'stomp' & the 'clap'. Witness one of the most complicated dance performance by us, definitely a performance that we would strongly recommend. 


Min. Dancers: 8 pax

70's Retro

The 70's era reminds us that the old days are still indeed, "Staying Alive"! Getting down to your Night Fever tracks retro style, we will get the crowd moving. Also, not forgetting Elvis, who doesn't love him?


Min. Dancers: 4 pax

Cultural Fusion Dance

A fusion of different traditional cultures in a performance. Also incorporating street dancing acts to make the showcase more enjoyable.


Min. Dancers: 2 pax

Yoga Team

Either conducting a class or a private event, our professional yoga team will guide audiences to a full yoga experience.  


Min. Dancers: 1 pax

Kpop Dance

The ever so famous korean dance culture has been a hit and with its well known exposure worldwide, anyone can recognize and enjoy the performance. Available in male, female or a mixture of both in a troop, our kpop team will rock the stage!


Min. Dancers: 5 pax

Kpop Dance

The ever so famous korean dance culture has been a hit and with its well known exposure worldwide, anyone can recognize and enjoy the performance. Available in male, female or a mixture of both in a troop, our kpop team will rock the stage!


Min. Dancers: 5 pax

The Great Gatsby

Going way back to the 20's where glitter is love! This classic fashioned dance show is performed to specifically bring out the vibe of the era. 


Min. Dancers: 3 pax


Cabaret is a form of entertainment featuring musicsongdancerecitation, or drama. Examples of a famous dance/song is 'Moulin Rouge', where lights, costumes & stage presence is key in making a good performance


Min. Dancers: 3 pax

Suit & Tie

The classic gentleman showcase to bring out the inner james bond. Usually crafted with a storyline to uplift the performance, this style of performance can provide flexiblity to your needs while maintaining class & professionalism


Min. Dancers: 3 pax

Star Wars Parody 


Min. Dancers: 3 pax

Old School Popping


Min. Dancers: 3 pax

Product Launching

Want to launch a product in an interesting way? Nothing catches more attention than a performance to relate on the highlights of the product. Actions are greater than words! 


Min. Dancers: 3 pax

Other Services

Choreography Service

We provide various choreography services for events such as annual dinner performances, competitions, music dance covers and many more. If you need dance steps, you're at the right place!

Freelance Talent

We provide freelance individuals for various events. Commercials, shows, advertising, music videos and many more. Available in both male and female.

Urban/Street Choreography Works

Either you love our previous works or you wish to collaborate in potential partnerships in events, videography, workshops, let us know as we have great local choreographers under one roof

Event Management

Want us to manage your upcoming event? We provide third party services in organizing events specializing in dance, competitions, workshops and etc. 


In need of commercial videos? We provide all the tools and services you need to produce the perfect video of your need including choreography, videographer, talents and etc. 

Wedding Proposals


Create the perfect moment with your other half with a surprise dance routine. Touching hearts has never been so romantic and make it memorable with us

Studio Photoshoot

Professional photography at your doorstep. We provide freelance photography professionals as well as studio photoshoots for your desired needs.

Dance Workshops

We provide a platform for international dancers to share their knowledge & dance with local talents. Contact us if you're interested in collaborating in a potential dance workshop

Brand Awareness 


Min. Dancers: 3 pax

Brand Awareness 


Min. Dancers: 3 pax

Artist Backup 


Min. Dancers: 3 pax

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