Jia Xin

Jia Xin

Jia Xin is the face of our new generation of dancers today. Her flawless strong flavours & grooves is what makes her unique, and rest assured she's got swag! Exposed to ballet at the age of 9, she soon found her passion in street dancing & is highly influenced by ReiNa & Junna Yagi, both internationally renowned dancers. Expect to see more of her in the scene as this is just the start of her journey, yet she has so much to share.

Jia Xin is an easy to approach individual & often drives her students to their limit. Embrace her growth & freshness as one of the top dancers in our upcoming days.

  • Favourite Food: Dessert!
  • Go-to track: 'YGGR' by Bobby
  • Go-to Quote: Dance because its you!