Hip hop
Intro: Rhythm & Groove

Jun Leong aka JL has been in the industry for more than 8 years now. He started off dancing with the inspiration by......YES YOU KNOW IT, 'Mustang Crew'! Climbing up his way now as the co-director & operations manager at MDA, a vital individual in contributing to our growth today. He ventured into my different styles throughout the years but one style in particular that people look up & recognise him for is Hip Hop, as his phrase goes "I didn't choose Hip Hop, Hip Hop chose me". With a few titles under his belt, he never stops learning and we bet that you'll learn something new every time in his class.

His teaching style is energetic, often initiating engagements within the class to create a positive vibe. Expect loads of fun in his class, as how dance should & always will be.

  • Favourite Food: Pork
  • Go-to track: 'Yummy' by Justin Bieber
  • Go-to Quote: Good is not enough, Best is temporal, Better sounds like a better choice!
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