Hong Yan

female dancehall

Hong Yan started dancing to rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 9. Today, she is known for her technical skills & understanding of the style ' Dancehall'. Hong Yan discovered dancehall when her former crew leader started exposing dancehall classes to the public, which then got the interest of Hong Yan to further uncover the culture & history of dancehall in Taiwan. Hong Yan aims to bring growth to the dancehall community in Malaysia & is currently active with her dancehall crew 'Queenz of Fyah' which has gained her several titles from local competitions.

Hong Yan coveys her message clearly in every class. Be confident, love yourself & learn to love your body. Dancing started off looking cool for her, but today, dancing keeps her alive & a way to express her emotions.

  • Favourite Food: Seafood
  • Go-to track: 'Wild Thoughts' by J-Sol & Meron Addis
  • Go-to Quote: Your feeling makes your dance unique, not your movement
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Hong Yan

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