Leony Low


Leony started ballet at the age of 3 & soon ventured into street dancing when she was 9 years old. Heavily inspired by the Youtube star 'Matt Steffanina', her passion for street dancing grew immensely as she tries to audition in various places which soon landed her a spot in the Selangor state team. At such a young age, Leony is seeking exposure & experiences in the scene, which led her to become one of the instructors in the Rising Star project here with us. She is currently active competitively with her crews & she's not stopping anytime soon!

Her dance style is powerful & full of groovy texture, following the footsteps of her mentor Jay, its easy to say that she will soon be the next Queen of Swag here with us.

  • Favourite Food: Italian & Japanese
  • Go-to track: 'Escapism' by Raye
  • Go-to Quote: If you never try, you will never know
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Leony Low

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