Ru Tong


Ru Tong started dancing at the age of 5 with ballet & contemporary until she was exposed to street dancing at the age of 15 out of curiosity! That decision changed everything as she's one of the top rising stars in the industry today. Aiming to be the perfect movement artist, complementing abstract to her movements is her way of shining from the bunch. Ru Tong is also currently training under Zeppo Rookies, a high-level dance crew which trains individuals to become top tier dancers.

Ru Tong is soft spoken yet inspirational. Get down with her on her journey as she breaks down her musicality in every tune she moves to.

  • Favourite Food: Pepperoni Pizza
  • Go-to track: 'Free Mind' by Tems
  • Go-to Quote: Action over words!
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Ru Tong

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