Wednesday a.k.a Being started his dance journey back in 2012 by learning choreographies through Youtube where he was inspired by the Japanese dance crew 'Sh*t Kings'. In 2015, he went to Japan for travelling & unintentionally stumbled upon his sensei, Saya Yamamaru's dance class where his love for HipHop started. He came back to Malaysia & paired with Friday Boogie & soon met Peot in a local event where they formed the legendary crew 'Beat My Bois'. Bet plans to bring the boys to the international stage, being able to collaborate with dancers across the world & aims to host quality dance events locally.

His classes are fun & energetic, never misses a beat with constant grooves along the go. Experience authentic HipHop at its best!

  • Favourite Food: Fried Chicken
  • Go-to track: 'Lost' by Frank Ocean
  • Go-to Quote: What it to you of who am I?
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