Nigel Ng

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Nigel started dancing when he was 17 years old, without realising dance will soon be a big part of his life. He started off with Kpop, and pivoted to street in 2020 as he finds that he wanted to create his own identity, flavour and his knowledge towards making him a dancer but not under someone’s shadow. He was inspired by Millennium Dance Complex videos in which driven him to improve and explore the world of dance, and ultimately being able to find his individuality and create his own crafts. Today, Nigel is actively competing & teaching across the city of KL.

Expect VIBES from his class, constantly encouraging students to support each other by exchanging energies. Lots of fun!

  • Favourite Food: McDonalds
  • Go-to track: 'Double Dutch' by Charmaine
  • Go-to Quote: To improve, one must first learn
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Nigel Ng

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