Rita Jo


Rita is known for her powerful feminine style, growing her reputation as one of the best in the community. Rita was exposed to ballet & contemporary at a very young age of just 3 years old, which soon later found her passion in street dancing. She caught the eyes of the industry when she won the local TV dance show Astro Battleground in 2016, and her career started booming since then with no signs of slowing down.

Rita is full of energy, even during your laziest days she can turn that around with just her voice. Expect it loud, and an energy over the top from start to finish in each of her class.

  • Favourite Food: Mala Hot Pot
  • Go-to track: 'Flying Apsaras' by Lay Zhang
  • Go-to Quote: Mistakes are part of the process, and to dance is to accept those mistake.
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Rita Jo

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