It all started back in high school when Luke was 16 years old dancing to a choreography from the movie, You’ve Got Served while performing for his school’s event. His foundations were built around the era when he trained under plenty of OG dancers like Slick Dogg, HitMasterFish and took various international dance workshop taught by legendary dancers in the international dance scene such as Loose Joint, Buddha Stretch, Popping J, C Mack etc. Luke has been competing internationally over the course of his dance journey in places like Japan, India, Vietnam and Singapore. Aside from teaching dance classes, he choreographs and dances for local RnB artists like Nadhira on the side too. Luke is no stranger to the scene, his mission and core of dance is to share his knowledge and nurture others to the world of dance.

Technicality counts when you're in Luke's class. Foundation is key with lots of drills of basic grooves & vocabs

  • Favourite Food: Japanese
  • Go-to track: 'Shoop' by Salt-N-Pepa
  • Go-to Quote: Be Yourself
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