SOP | Frequently Asked Questions

Do i have to follow all the new SOP guideline procedures?

• Yes. Administrator will disallow entry to studio grounds for students who fail to do so

Are there schedule changes on the re-opening of the studio?

• Tentatively there are no changes made on studio class schedules, all class slots remain the same as before

What do i have to do & prepare before entering studio grounds?

1. FACE MASK is required before entering studio grounds. If you do not own one, selling of face mask is available. Option to remove mask once class has started is allowed. 2. RECORD DATA. Submit your personal information with current health status & body temperature on the form provided 3. SANITIZE. Hand sanitizers will be provided prior to entering studio grounds

Are there limitation to class slots since distancing measures are taken?

• Yes. Students are guided with a 2m distancing floor marking.

Do i have to pre-book my slot for studio classes?

Strictly, YES! Students are required to pre-book their slot on the private whatsapp class group. Administrator will inform a week before in groups once we are ready to accept bookings.


Do i still have to bring my student/member ID to class?

No. Collection of student/member ID's are temporary stopped to eliminate sharing of objects. Manual check-ins will be made by administrator

Can i cancel my booking for class slots?

Students are allowed to cancel their slot bookings 48 hours prior to the class. No shows will result in auto deduction of credits. As for UNLIMITED PACKAGE students, up to FIVE (5) absence without prior notice will result in instant termination of validity

Am i allowed to hang out/stay back before/after classes on studio grounds?

NO. We take social distancing measures seriously, therefore only students who are allowed to be in the studio are those who are waiting to be in the next class. Pre-plan your transport before/after classes as no waiting area will be provided. Only one (1) parent per student of age 12 & below is allowed to stay in the foyer area.

What is the operation time for studio during this period?

Studio will be open an hour before the first class of the day starts and closing 30 minutes after the class has ended

What happens to my credit pass balance & validity before the lockdown?

As announced on all our media platforms, all student credit pass balance & validity are freezed. Your existing credit pass validity will resume automatically on the 22nd FEBRUARY 2021.