Hairol Ting

Hairol Ting

Back in his hometown (Sarawak), Hairol did a lot of Michael Jackson's dance by covering the dance steps & performed at severals events at his neighbouring state, Sabah. His very first exposure towards dance was the trend era of the style 'Shuffling' & soon ventured into street styles like Popping, Hip Hop & Locking. Being in the east side of the country, he lacked physical resources to learn dance from & only relied on online materials, until he decide to come to Kuala Lumpur & is currently the chosen one as one of the studios 'Rising Star' under the guidance of his mentor, Jonathan Loo.

As one of the upcoming dancers in the scene, he lacked no experience in his field as he's learned from international studios with the likes of 1Million & Danz People. He is also a part of Zeppo Youngsterz crew who competed at the Super 24 in Singapore which got them 2nd Runner's Up in the event. He's one to look after in the scene!

  • Favourite Food: Anything that is HALAL
  • Go-to track: 'Guess I'm in Love' by Clinton Kane
  • Go-to Quote: Learn from everyone!