Cheah Yee

Cheah Yee
kpop female cover

Cheah Yee (CY) started her Kpop interest at just the age of 4. An 'Army' (BTS fan) at heart, she learns Kpop Covers online & admires their culture before venturing into professional classes at the age of 14. Many years ahead she is now teaching female covers & a dedicated member of the crew 'Phantom.X'. Some might recognise her on studio grounds as she is the studio executive for Mustang Dance Academy.

Her teaching style is straight forward, detailed & focused. She can be shy at times but do not hesitate to go up to her for advice as she is truly analytical at movements.

  • Favourite Food: White Rice
  • Go-to track: 'Sneakers' by ITZY
  • Go-to Quote: When life gives you lemon, accept the challenge!